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AD9257 power consumption question

Question asked by NeuralSwarm on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by NeuralSwarm

Hi all,


I'm looking at using the AD9257-40 in a new design, but this is a battery-powered application, and power consumption is very important.  I have 12-channels that I need to sample, and so I'm curious what the total power consumption on this part is if:


     (1) 2 channels are shut off

     (2) 4 channels are shut off


In case 1, I would use 2 octal parts with both in 6 channels, and in case 2, I would use an 8-4 configuration.  I'm really trying to get 14-bit 40MSPS at around 30mW/channel, so if I'm missing a quad that would do this at lower power let me know.