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Amplifier and Ph electrode

Question asked by topgun303 on Mar 21, 2014
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I am trying to implement an Alkalinity measurement device.


  1. I am using reference electrode[16-702] and ph electrode[16-705] by MicroElectrodes, INC
    1. The output value from electrode will be between range of plus/minus 410 mV
    2. Response time for ph electrode[16-705] is 5 - 15 seconds

  1. Now we need a amplifier that can take input from electrode will be in range of plus/minus 410 mV.
    1. Also the amplifier needs to be able to take input impedance greater then 1 * 10^12 [1 Tera]
    2. Also the amplifier needs to have bias current under 1 * 10^-12[1 Pico]
    3. The output gain of plus/minus 20 V
  2. The output of the amplifier will be input to A/D converter[USB-1408FS]  by Measurement Computing.


At the moment I have ph electrode connected to AD8222 amplifier and something in the system is causing a intereference

which is causing a incorrect output signal or noise in the signal.


Is AD8222 amplifier I am using correct or Should I use some other Amplifier?



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