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ADV8003/ADV8005 Latency Questions

Question asked by danngai on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by danngai

Hello Video Experts!


Thank you in advance for your consideration and thank you for answering the latency questions on the ADV7842.   We now have a question on the latency on the "De-Interlace to Progressive" Block in the ADV8003 and ADV8005 [Preliminary].


1.  Are the De-Interlace blocks on these 2 devices the same?


2.  If the De-Interlace blocks are the same, would you know what the exact latency is?  [You had mentioned in the previous answer that is "a number of lines"--our architecture requirements require a litte more detail.]


The datasheet says that the devices use SDRAM to implement the motion adaptive de-interlace function which implies that it is buffering some of the data.  Under normal conditions, we would  assume it needs to buffer at least one or more complete fields for this. 


We would like to know if the de-interlacer stores the first field (or more) and and when the block starts outputting the progressive frame – whether that occurs within a “few video lines” or at the start of the second field, etc—we need this level of detail information.  This has a very big impact on the latency for us.


Thank you!