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ADV212 1080p60

Question asked by J_Miller on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by anki

I have a design that is currently using 2 ADV212 to support 1080p30 (one chip gets the Y and on get the CbCr).  This has been working just fine. 


The latest revision of the PCB has been designed to support 1080p60 (4 ADV212) and I am trying to get this to work.  I can setup and configure all 4 parts no problem. 


My issue is with the tiling of the data.  For latency reasons I need to tile the video as 960x1080 (side-by-side tiling) frames.  This would have Y(left), Y(right), CbCr(left), and CbCr(right) as video frames to the ADV212s.


For some reason two of the four ADV212 (the two Y Codecs) fail to start.  I have verified the firmware load on all ADV212s and the configuration sequence is the same as described in AN-796.  When I get to the step that is verifying that SWIRQ1 is set (polling register) the Y ADV212s never set SWIRQ1.


I can make minor changes to the expected video size and all of the ADV212s will set SWIRQ1 with no issues. I have tried 960x960, 540x1080, 1080x1080, 960x540, all of these start just fine. Anything I try with a width around 960 (+/-100 or so) and the two Y ADV212s won't start.


Is there something special about 960x1080 that is causing this to not work? Any insight was be greatly appreciated.


See Parameter Vales below (same for all ADV212s):

Set XTOT to: 044C0000

Set YTOT to: 04660000

Set F0_START to: 00010000

Set F1_START to: 00000000

Set V0_START to: 002F0000

Set V1_START to: 00000000

Set V0_END to: 04660000

Set V1_END to: 00000000

Set PIXEL_START to: 00010000

Set PIXEL_END to: 03C00000

Set PMODE2 to: 003F0000

Set VMODE to: 00820000