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ADuC7060 Input Voltage Range, and Usage of ADCxDAT register

Question asked by sofy Employee on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by AudeR


I would like to know two topics.


1) According to data sheet page 6, Input voltage range is 0V to 1.2V. But other page (ex. Table 36) show that input voltage range -1.2V to +1.2V.

Which one is correct? I thought that -1.2V to +1.2V is correct.


2) ADC is 24bit. So ADCxDAT use 23:0bit range. But how about rest of upper 31:24 bit? Are these bit always zero?

For example when input is -1.2V,  ADACxDAT is 0xFF80 0000 or 0x0080 0000 ?


Thank you for your help.