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ADV7441A's LLC out is not active

Question asked by Arnaud on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by Arnaud

Hello all,


Firstly, i'm sorry for my english. I'm french.


I'm debugging my ADV7441A and I have a probleme with LLC pin.

I think that my setup works because the pixel data, VS et HS is right.

I tried  this setup  who is used  for  evaluation board and it's still not.


##GR VGA 640x480##
:640x480 _@ 60  Autodetecting sync source  25.125MHz Out through DAC/DVI:
42 03 0C ; Disable TOD
42 05 02 ; Prim_Mode =010b for GR
42 06 08 ; VID_STD=1000b for 640x480 @ 60
42 1D 40 ; Disable TRI_LLC
42 3C A8 ; SOG Sync level for atenuated sync, PLL Qpump to default
42 47 0A ; Enable Automatic PLL_Qpump and VCO Range
42 68 F2 ; Auto CSC , RGB Out
42 6B E2 ; Setup CPOP_SEL & DE Enable
42 7B 1D ; Disable AV_Codes
42 BA A0 ; Enable HDMI and Analog in
42 F4 15 ; Max Drive Strength


I don't understand why. The "CP"  is not on free Run and all is OK for me.

I have already change ADV7441A and it's always the same.

Normally, I must to set @1D at  40 for  disable TRI_LLC  but it doesn't work.


What I do not think ?


Can you help me ?