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Question asked by tapanshahp on Mar 19, 2014
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I have a few questions about the ADAS1000 RLD + CM

The DB15 connectors has the following connections for pins 7 and 14

Pin 7 - CE - Common Electrode, Master CM_IN

Pin 14 - RLD - Right leg drive, RLD_OUT


1> Pin 14

I am a bit confused regarding the usage of this pin. I am writing down the function as I understand. Please correct if something is wrong with my interpretation.

This pin can be used as an Input or Output. In normal operation (default mode) this pin acts as an Input and takes the input from the RL (Right Leg) of the patient. This can also be programmed to be an Output. In that case this pin will drive out the internal common mode (1.3V) onto the RL (Right Leg) cable of the patient keeping the current toleration in check?


2> Pin 7

Document ADAS1000-UG426 provides some explanation of this pin (Pg 25 - Common Mode Level/Wilson Central Terminal).

A reference is made here to the CM_OUT pin, is this the same pin they are talking about?

As I understand this pin can also either work as Input or Output. In default mode, this is output and puts out the sensed common mode out. This pin may be used to source an external common mode voltage onto the ADAS1000. Please let me know if this is correct.