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problem with ldf of 21375

Question asked by liangbread on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by Harshit.Gaharwar

I'm going to develop sharc 21375 with surpporting SS4S,but there is no example for this in the "Browse Example" of CCES.

So I built a new project for 21375 for which I have to modify the ldf to add mem_block3_dm48 beyong the default ldf,after that I got problem as be listed below.

cc3089: fatal error: Link failedprocessor-21375-CCES

C/C++ Problem


My code of ldf :


   ** -------------------------- BLOCK 3 ---------------------------------------

   ** SRAM 0x00070000 to 0x000707FF Long Word (64)

   ** SRAM 0x000E0000 to 0x000E0AAA Extended Precision Normal or Instruction (48)

   ** SRAM 0x000E0000 to 0x000E0FFF Normal Word (32)

   ** SRAM 0x001C0000 to 0x001C1FFF Short Word (16)


   mem_block3_dm32         { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x000E0000) END(0x000E0FFF) WIDTH(32) }

   mem_flash               { TYPE(DM RAM ASYNCHRONOUS) START(0x08000000) END(0x083FFFFF) WIDTH(8) }

/*   mem_sdram_data          { TYPE(DM RAM SYNCHRONOUS) START(0x00200000) END(0x0027FFFF) WIDTH(32) }*/


   /*$VDSG<insert-new-memory-segments>                          */

   /* Text inserted between these $VDSG comments will be preserved */

   mem_block3_dm48         { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x000E0000) END(0x000E07FF) WIDTH(48) }  

   /*$VDSG<insert-new-memory-segments>                          */


} /* MEMORY */

After I delete the line of mem_block3_dm48 there is no longer any problem,and the "END" value of it is also correct to 0x000E0AAA as well as many other value already.

It really puzzles me why I cannot add mem_block3_dm48?