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Wrong mode register value from AD7730

Question asked by linupa on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by ChrisD.Rama

Hi, I'm using AD7730 evaluation board to measure a load cell data.


I connected AD7730 to our microcontroller, but there are some problems.


When I tried to read the status register, I read '0xC7' value, and it seems to be OK.


However, when I tried to read the mode register, I read '0x0140'. The second '1' in the value is on "Zero field" should be zero.


I read the register just after the system is turned on.


Currently, nothing bu the 9-pin connector is connected to the board. The jumpers on the board are in default setting.


In 9-pin connector, I connected DIN, DOUT, CLK, CS pins to the microcontroller. RESET is high, VDD is +5V, and GND is 0V.

I read RDY pin, but it is always high.


I attached signals from the oscilloscope while reading mode register, and it shows very clean data '0140'. The clock period is 800usec.


I also tried to change the mode register, but nothing didn't change. The mode register shows always '0140'


Thank you,

Kwan Suk Kim