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AD9650 SYNC Input

Question asked by MartinISDC on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by UmeshJ

Hello all,


I had a question regarding the SYNC Input onboard the AD9650. We're attempting to create a multi channel data acquisition device using the AD9650s. We're looking at using individual clock sources for each channel with the hope that the SYNC input will help us align the phases of the sample clock on the AD9650 so all channels would sample at the same time. After looking over the data sheet, I'm still not convinced that the SYNC input will allow us to do this, since we're using multiple clock sources.


It mentions that the SYNC input is synchronized with the Input Clock and after a valid SYNC signal, the clock divider resets to an original state (page 34 and 33, respectively). If the SYNC input is synchronized with the Input Clock, would that mean that the phase differences between the clocks would remain and the channels would still be out of sync? Or would the resetting of the clock divider cause the phases of the different input clocks to align and all the channels would now be in sync?


Thank you for the help!