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ADV7513, I2C Addressing

Question asked by Konta on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by GuenterL

Dear Analog Devices


I am implementing the ADV7513 HDMI Transmitter into my design and am looking into the I2C impact it will have on the system. I have a FPGA that basically are too small for my design, but do not have the ability to upgrade it. This is, among other challenges, having an impact on the needed pins available for all the system design signals. The I2C network that the ADV7513 will be using is therefore used by other I2C devices as well. It is by this, of importance that I have control of the I2C addresses to all the components on the network.

When reading the datasheet, and the “Hardware Users Guide” and the “Programming Guide”, I am having challenge in being 100% sure of how to interpret the I2C address usage of the ADV7513. How many I2C addresses do I actually need to “reserve”, preventing conflicts with the other I2C component addresses on the same bus? (I am only using one single ADV7513 in my design, and are only talking about the I2C interface, not the audio etc. related interfaces)


If there are more than the 0x72/0x7A address, is SW selectable or is it some restrictions?


However, the main question is:

“Is it more addresses than the 0x72/0x7A that will be used on the ADV7513?”




Sincerely yours