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Regarding simultaenous operation mode of ADV7604

Question asked by ronak.desai on Mar 19, 2014
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We are using ADV7604 and we are providing input using DVI-I connector on which at a time RGB (DVI-A) data or HDMI (DVI-D) signals can be available. We don't this in prior that which signals are going to come.


We wants to configure ADV7604 in such a way that it can detect both of the signals and do the auto-detection of provided input signal e.g. height, width, front porch, back porch...


Is there any possibility to have such intelligent configuration on ADV7604? I went through the data sheet and it appears that it can be configured only either of following modes,



Selects the primary mode of operation of the decoder. To be used with VID_STD[5:0].

0000 - Reserved

0001 - Component Video (YPbPr/RGB)

0010 - RGB Graphics mode

0011 - Reserved

0100 - Reserved

0101 - HDMI-Comp

0110 - HDMI-GR

0111 - 1111 - Reserved