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ADV7842 Latency Questions [ADV8003 used as well]

Question asked by danngai on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by DaveD

Hello ADV7842 Experts,


I have system requirements that require me to understand the time latency as video is processed through the ADV7842.  My trade off is latency vs video quality.  The latency will focus on 2 blocks within the ADV7842.




1.  What latency is the worst case latency expected through the De-Interlacer Block [Interlaced to Progressive Conversion Block, page 4 of 28 of      ADV7842 Data Sheet.  [Latency in clock cycles, H-line cycles, etc]


2. In the Interlaced to Progressive Conversion Block, what, if any,  is the latency difference between Line Doubling and Line Interpolation function?


3.  What is the worst case latency associated with the Comb Filtering functions of the ADV7842? 


4.  What are the latency differences expected with the different types of Comb Filters [1D, 2D, 3D]--of course the latency would be worse when      using a 1D comb vs a 3D Comb, but are their any baseline timings that are known, so that some tradeoffs can be made?


5.  This ADV7842 is being connected to an ADV8003/ADV8005.  Would it be better to use the Interlace to Progressive Function in the ADV8003?  It      has been suggested that the this function is better performed in the ADV8003/ADV8005.


Thank you!