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ADL5391 Outputs while Disabled

Question asked by jdobler Employee on Mar 18, 2014
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Posted by Viktor Bronder in RF Components on Mar 15, 2014 7:40:35 PM      

On the ADL5391 there is an Enable Input and the Datasheet doesnt give any Information about what happens to the Output while the Chip is disabled. Does it give an output of 0V, Vmid or does it go to some High-Impedance-State? I couldnt figure it out and would appreciate any information about it.


What im about to do is to rescale a 1V,  100MHz Sinus to some other Amplitude with some DC Offset, the ADL5391 does it formulawise exactly but is with its 2GHz Bandwidth way too large for what i want to do. Are there any alternatives which are able to multiply a 100 (max. 150 MHz) sinus with a DC Voltage and add some DC offset? Voltage Levels are not that important im able to pre and rescale them before and after, it will be just positive Voltages to Ground (or Vmid if needed) with a maximum of 5 Volts.


Thanks in advance to anyone who could help me on that matter :-)


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