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Connection check and filter question AD9834

Question asked by philm on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by sitti

Good afternoon everyone,


I am hoping to use a pair of eyes to check to make sure that all of my connections with the DDS are sound. I pulled all values from the datasheet but I am not too sure if I need anything application specific.


In short, I have a 53.687091 MHz clock and the cutoff for the output frequency will be 2 MHz. This will then go to a non-inverting amplifier to bring the peak voltage up to 5V and then it will go to a comparator to generate a square wave.


I am still designing the filter for IOUT and I do have a some questions for that. Given my application, would a simple low-pass filter work? I simulated a high frequency hash on top of the primary waveform and a passive low pass filter seemed to do the trick although, I am looking for others opinions on this matter. Which filter topology should I design this for?


Thank you in advance