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ADV611 problem

Question asked by chelong on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by DaveD


     I am a student withguilin university of electronic science and technology,I recently purchased the ADV611 chip of your company.And  in video compression decompression I using the chip to development my project, meeting great difficulties,I hope to get your help.The following are some of my questions.

Question 1: Don't know whether the company also offers ADV611 evaluation board, or related informations

Question 2: I do not know whether the company has special the SDK to develop ADV611 the chip. Question 3: the company provides only a PDF document in English and in many registers I don't understand,don't know how to start writing program, so does the company have a development program or instances of application. The question is; Whether the chip can be directly told OV7670 digital camera output data compression directly, don't need to speak as a document using simulated video acquisition SAA711.

Question 4,I do not know whether can use FPGA platform instead of single DSP platform, because I realize the information on  the DSP to Develop data  is more convenient .

Question 5, Does the company provide a detailed specification of the circuit diagram or chips