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ADE7758 Phase Calibration

Question asked by levi92 on Mar 18, 2014
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I'm currently working on a project with ADE7758 as my energy measurement IC. I have done rms calibration and gain calibration as well. Now Im having some doubt with Phase Calibration. I have used a CT as my current sensor which will introduce some phase shift. My problem is that I can't manage to get a load with power factor of 0.5.


I have done the power gain calibration with the suggested method as this discussion ( ). I have create 2 signal with 90 degree phase shift (pf=0) and feed them directly to the current and voltage channel ( pin 5,6 and pin 16, 13 for phase A; without entering to the burden resistor and voltage divider circuit). am I doing it correctly?


I believe that we can't just create a 60 degree phase shift (pf=0.5) and feed it into the input channel for phase calibration. Is that any alternative way of doing it? Can I just measure a load which is not power factor of 0.5 (eg. 0.8 or others maybe) and do some modification to the equation 69 by replacing xWATTHR(pf=0.5) with other the register reading of the other pf? Please guide me.