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ADP1047 Recommended Settings

Question asked by andreastan on Mar 17, 2014
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I have the following questions.


  1. 1.

0xFE20  - Voltage loop filter gain

0xFE21  - Voltage loop filter zero

0xFE22  - Fast voltage loop filter gain

0xFE23  - Fast voltage loop filter zero


For the above mentioned register’s, I am able to read back the values from the EVK. We know that these values can be edited through the GUI ”Filter Settings” . But is there any criteria to select this Filter Gain and Filter Zero values?? Or any suggestion for this value selection?

It will be helpful to understand how these values arrived and optimize the values for our requirement.


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0xFE44 - Smart VOUT low power threshold (P1)

0xFE45  - Smart VOUT high power threshold (P2)


values for the above registers and their equivalent power threshold  read from the EVK are 

P1 – 73W &  Register value – 0x001A (Decimal – 26 )

P2 – 541W &  Register value – 0x00C0 (Decimal  – 192).


What is the scaling factor(Exponent) used to set the Power threshold into these registers?? For “READ_PIN “(0x97) register the exponent value is -1 (0.5). However I can’t apply this value for the above conversion.


Please kindly help to advise me. Thank you.