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ADAS1000 + Fluke PS420 Patient Simulator Connection

Question asked by tapanshahp on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Padraic


I have an ADAS1000 evaluation board. I would like to connect it to a patient simulator but I am having problems connecting to the DB15 connector as I am unable to find a suitable cable. I bought one ECG cable from Burdick but the problem is that the pins on the cable and the ADAS1000 do not match. For example, pin 8 on the cable is connected to LL where as ADAS1000 expects a NC (no connection). Similar conflicts arise for different pins as well. Is there a cable available in market that would be directly compatible to the ASAS1000?



UG-426 (page 8), mentions the below:


The user needs to connect a signal source to the evaluation board connector J1 for measurement purposes. Ideally, this would be a patient simulator. In demonstrations at Analog Devices, the PS420 patient simulator (from Fluke Biomedical Division of Fluke Electronics Corporation) is used."


Engineers at analog devices are successfully able to pair ADAS1000 with Fluke simulators, could you please specify what cables are used to do so?

If they are not available in market, would analog devices be willing to share/sell one of its custom made cables?


Thanks in advance for the help.