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[ADV7392] input digital RGB and output analog YPbPr with 525p.

Question asked by Tamu on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by DaveD



I have questions about ADV7392.

The customer wants to input digital RGB to ADV7392 and wants to output analog YPbPr from ADV7392 with 525p.
But there is no description about this in datasheet "Table 98. ED Configuration Scripts".


Question 1:
  Can ADV7392 do it?
  Do we have to input digital YCbCr to the device for YPbPr output with 525p?


Question 2:
  If ADV7392 can do that input RGB and output YPbPr with 525p, could you tell me how we should set the registers?
  (Could you send me the script?)


Thank you.
Best regards.