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AD1939 in selfboot system

Question asked by grimbart on Mar 17, 2014
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I have a SW/HW question about programming the AD1939 CODEC in a Selfboot ADAU1446 DSP-System. My board works well with the ADAU1446 in I2C Mode, with selfboot from EEPROM (I2C) and with the AD1939 in Standalone mode. Now I need to program the CODEC to use it with 96- and 192 kHz. The connection to AD1939 over SPI with the ARWB 3.0 Software works, but it doesn't in connection with the ADAU1446 (in I2C or SPI).


1) Is this combination principally possible (ADAU1446 in selfboot-mode with change registers of AD1939)?


2) How do I connect the parts together and how do I have to tell the ADAU1446 to set the CODEC registers?! At the moment, the DSP and EEPROM are connected (SDA and SCL) like on the EVAL-BRD and the DSP with the CODEC (Clatch, Cclk, Cout, Cin) and all to the programming Header of the USBi. Is this the right way to connect them? Or do I have to set the register over some MPIO pins?!


I have seen this posting in the forum (, but it only seem to work for directly programming with SigmaStudio and not in a selfboot application.

I have also found the part AD1937 with similar properties and Pinouts and with I2C connection. Could it be a solution for directly programming the CODEC easier with SigmaStudio and in Selfboot Mode?


I'm a bit frustrated at the moment, because it would be a very good system, if this issue works. I cannot redesign the whole PCB, because of time and costs!


I would be very grateful for some help!

Best regards,

Fabio Perathoner