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AD9510 Soft Sync Function

Question asked by haileysDad on Mar 16, 2014
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We use an AD9510 to distribute a 150MHz clock applied to the 9510 CLK2 input.  The outputs must also run at 150MHz so each output's divider is placed in bypass mode.  We require that all the 9510 outputs operate in phase and it appears that two synchronization methods are possible,either a hardware sync using the FUNCTION pin or a soft sync using bit 2 in register 0x58. 


The hardware sync discussion (data sheet page 32) states hardware sync only works with outputs whose dividers are not bypassed.  This would mean that hardware sync would not be possible in our application.


Is soft sync like hardware sync in that it only works for outputs with non-bypassed dividers?  The soft sync description on page 39 of the data sheet does not mention this limitation.