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Help w/ ADSP-21489... DUAL SIMD MAC 40bit Floating Point

Question asked by SHARCguy on Mar 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by bookevg

Talking (emailing) with an ADI applications engineer... he's VERY good... but, I'm getting frustrated not being able to find ANY good descriptions about how the DAGs are set-up to do DUAL SIMD MAC operations on 40-bit Floating Point variables generated by the PEx/PEy registers on the ADSP-21489.


It seems that no matter what search criteria I use on the ADI Site, or via Google, I get nowhere with my DAG(s), DUAL SIMD MAC operations searches using 40-bit Floating Point variables.


BTW, I think 40-Bit is a GREAT intermediary between SINGLE vs DUAL precision FP and that DUAL SIMD MAC operations are probably the ADI crown jewel... but, there seems to be a dismal-level-of-info on the Data Sheets and other support literature concerning this truly unique, valuable FP hardware. I'm focused on the ADSP-21489 for many reasons, but clearly this question should have general interest, or, am I missing the obvious?


Please tell me where/what I've missed on the ADI site to answer my query.