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My DSP/DAC Project

Question asked by Adrculda on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by bigwave

Hey guys...

My first post on here and possibly quite in over my head here, but want to do something crazy.


I want to build a DSP / DAC combo based on TWO ADAU1445 and 2 ADAU1966.

The processors will be booted via I2C from a SAM3X8E. I'm trying to run them double precision and Master / Slave configuration.

The reason why I picked the Atmel SAM3X8E unit is quite simple...

It has Native USB, Ethernet and SD Support, easily interfaced with an LDC with multiple libraries available and last but not least is easily programmable thanks to being used as the main processor in the Arduino Due.


The hardware part is going to be fairly easy compared to the software/firmware in my mind. So far I have made a schematic for the 1445 using the I2C diagram from the datasheet ( page 90) and starting with that.


Also because its most likely going to be an "evolving" project I would like to have all the signal pins available, and by that i mean the all the inputs being brought to the edge of the board as well as unused output pins that aren't tied to the DAC will be brought back to the edge. the DAC output will be brought to the edge of the board to individual 3pin headers. This way I can choose my output section accordingly to amp its being fed into


I worked on it a bit yesterday and was able to come up with this: