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Question asked by cocowest on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Gustavo.Castro

Hello, I would use the ad8232 in 2-electrodes.

I tried to connect the chip using the model set out in the datasheet on page 24 (Figure 62), but does not work!

I put everything on breadoboard!

My question is: since I am in possession of the evaluation board with the ad8232 on board, and on this the 2-electrode system works perfectly, there is a wiring diagram alternative?

For example, looking at the schematic of the evaluation board, this is totally different from that present in the datasheet.

Ps, i connect the shoudown pin to Vcc (3.3v),

and the pic ac/dc to Vcc, beacuse i want an analogic output!



The Ecg is the chip on left, on right i use another your product, a adt7320 (this work perfectly on breadboard)