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Query for EVAL-AD2S1210 for SPI access

Question asked by inaresh on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by inaresh

Hi, Im Naresh currently working on EVAL-AD2S1210 board. I wish to configure it for stand alone operation with data output via SPI.


In this process, I have reconfigured the Jumpers/links and the configuration is as follows.

As I have CED1Z board with me, I wish to use it for powering up EVAL-AD2S1210 board.


I followed the steps indicated in this link

I'm a bit novice to SPI, so please bear with me


I have shorted R72, so that the signal is grounded.


LK1: Pos A - Here, what kind of /SAMPLE signal I need to give externally?

LK2: Pos B - /CS will be always low; is this advisable for SPI?

LK3: Pos B - /RD is also pulled down as per configuration. But AD2S1210 datasheet page no:9 says /RD should be high when /SOE is low.

            What am I missing here?

LK4: Pos A - /WR//FSYNC signal is given externally, what kind of signal needs to be given for SPI?

LK5: Pos B - /SOE is pulled down for Serial Mode

LK6, LK7: Pos C - The link suggests to configure them in Pos A, but what kind of signal needs to be given at A0, A1?

            I have connected them in Pos C to enable chip in configuration mode.

LK8, LK9: Pos c - 16 Bit Resolution

LK10, LK11: Pos B

LK12 : Pos B - To put PI74ALVTC16245 (Bi Directional Transceiver) in high impedance state

LK13,14,15,16 - Pos A: Wish to use power from CED1Z board, but I don't see any voltages at those Links. Is there any more configuration for that or USB has to be plugged in?


Please let me know if my understanding above is correct and do suggest me what needs to be done further.


And FYI, I'm taking SPI data onto Oscilloscope which can read SPI format. It has 3 wire config mode, in which it asks for SCLK, SDI, /CS signals


Thank you!