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Simulation of the reference HDL design in EDK (AD9361)

Question asked by Timo on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by DragosB

Hello. I am using an AD9361 (FMCOMMS2) on a FPGA development environment (ML605). I am using the production hdl design + software. It runs by your help .


Now I like to simulate something to understand the behavior of the design much better. So, the Design is okay. Here are my steps to do this:


1) In EDK I selected "Project" -> "Project Options" -> "Design Flow"

     x Treat timing closure failure as an error

     x VHDL

     x generated test bench tamplate

     x Behavioral


2) added elf-Files (implementaion and simulation)


3) Generate HDL Files      -> "... Simulation Model Generator done! Done! tun." ( No error occurs)

4) Launch Simulator          -> "...Starting static elaboration. Done! tun. tun. .." ( No error occurs)

In other projects simulations are working on this way. So I think its an problem by your HDL-project?! Have you tried the simulation before? Do you have an idea to run simulation of the Design behavior? It's important for me for integrating a second Device in my design.


Thanks for your help.