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ADV7280 drivers

Question asked by HankZ on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by B_Thorne

We are using the ADV7280M device in a new design. Currently we have a Freescale

IMX6 SABRE SDB development board and the ADV7280-M Evaluation board. We have

wired them together.


i am looking for the complete I2C register map documentation which I haven’t

found in the documentation that I’ve downloaded. Is there another document that

contains this?


Also, we have a Timesys Linux distribution that has an adv7280_mipi_tvin.c

driver. The driver loads, runs, and communicates with the ADV7280 over the I2C;

however, I cannot get it to tie into the Video 4 Linux architecture, using



Does Analog Devices have a Linux driver for this component?

Are you aware of any other driver support or how this driver can be used to

stream video from the ADV7280? I’ve noticed that the current driver we have

does not contain any IOCTL interface and I wonder if this is the issue.