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ADV3205 - Questions from a Novice!

Question asked by clunk76 on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by clunk76

I am working on a project to design a 16 x 16 analogue video switcher for CCTV cameras and monitors using 1 volt peak to peak composite video signals.

I have decided to use the ADV3205 crosspoint switch and have purchased the evaluation kit.

I am extremely inexperienced in electronic design, having only previously worked on relatively basic projects, and need a little clarification on some of the power connections.

Please can you confirm the following for me:


1) I have a +5V / -5V power supply. I presume i connect +5V to AVcc and -5V to AVee


2) Should i connect DVcc to the same +5V supply?


3) Can i connect AGND and DGND2 to the same common ground?


4) Do you have a reference design that will provide indicators on how to connect up?


As i said - this is pretty new to me and i would appreciate a few pointers!


Thanks in advance