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JFFS2 problem

Question asked by gombos on Mar 13, 2014
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I do the upgrade from 2010R1 to 2013R1. The job is almost completed but I've experienced a strange behaviour using jffs2 filesystem.

Our board equipped with m25p128 NOR type flash. I use this chip as storage. I use 25MHz and use fast read opcode.

All settings are exactly the same as the old distribution.

In some devices I have a lot of warnings about CRC error, wrong magic bitmask or incorrect node length during the mount. If I create some files the new files generate additional messages. Sometimes the content of the file is not what I would written out. So the filesystem is unreliable.

I tried to format the mtd partition using "flash_eraseall -j /dev/mtdX". It eliminates the messages but during file create operation got back them.

I had this kind of messages with the old distro too, but very very rare and files never damaged.

But now this filesystem is unusable.

What is the difference? What do you recommend to do?