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ADV7611 Hot plug assert

Question asked by melisaelzer on Mar 12, 2014
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In my current design, I have two parts being initialized in my code.

The first IC used is the ADV7611. For the second IC to be initialized I need the ADV7611 output to be present.

I have tried:

1) Not doing anything to the HPA settings and the only way to get the computer to detect the board is by unplugging the HDMI port and plugging it back in. Then the board is detected with the EDID programmed.

2) After initializing the ADV7611 and before initializing the 2nd IC, I added two lines to makes HPA_MAN_VALUE_A = 0 and then back to HPA_MAN_VALUE_A=1 which is the default. Still the board is not detected.


How can I have the board detected without unplugging it?


I have it connected as shown in the attached image.

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