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Audio issue of ADV7623

Question asked by Jacy on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Jacy

Dear All,


    We are doing a project of Vedio Matrix and the main IC we used is ADV7623. Here we use The Port B(other 3 are no use) as the HDMI vedio input port and then HDMI output. The whole baord contain 8 ADV7623 , that is 8 channels totally.

     Now the matrix machine work ok but an issue was found from test team. That is when we power off the machine(the input and the output HDMI cable are plugged in already)  and the power up , all the output displaying are ok, but sometimes no audio . However , when we plug out and in the output HDMI cable , the vedio and the audio are ok on the display device. This happen not very often and all 8 channels may come out this issue.

    1、When power off and on , why sometimes the ADV7623 do not output Audio?


   2、Anyone got this kind of trouble like that, I mean no audio when power on.


   3、It is most pobable the registers configuration issue or others that call this problem?


  The attached file is the firmware for reference.


Thanks for your time.