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ADV7511 no video issue

Question asked by benwang on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by GuenterL


I have ADV7511 issue that is ADV7511 will not send video data if HDMI cable is connected between ADV7511 Tx & HDMI Rx device when power on.

The symptom looks like as following,

1. Device with ADV7511 Tx is HDMI cable connected with HDMI Rx device;

2. Power on both HDMI Tx & Rx device;

3. Configure ADV7511 in HDMI Tx device;

4. No video is displayed on HDMI Rx device (Note: Video source is always on);

5. Plug off then plug in HDMI cable between HDMI Tx & Rx device;

6. Video will be displayed on HDMI Rx device.


I'd like to confirm whether or not it is normal for ADV7511, if not how to solve the issue.


Thank you & best regards