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How to cross-compile the application of iio-oscilloscope in ubuntu?

Question asked by opticslee on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by opticslee

Hi all,

    I have an AD9361 eval board and a zedboard board and hope to construct a RF broad band test-bench. Using the SD card provided by the AD9361 eval board, I can run the demo application of iio-oscilloscope (osc) well. And then, I want to modify this program base on the source code of it.  So I want to cross-compile it in my ubuntu 13.10 machine. I have downloaded and installed the "xilinx-arm" cross-compiler  tool-chains successfully. However I don't know how to cross compile gtk+ and other tools. I take a glance at the wiki pages of these program, and  found it seems to be compiled and installed in zynq machine directly.

    Has any one can give me any hints?