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ADF4360-7 Schematic

Question asked by deepak on Mar 12, 2014
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We are designing custom PCB for ADF4360-7BCPZ Integrated Synthesizer and VCO. At Vvco, AVDD and DVDD we will supply 3.3V using our own regulator (VR1 in schematic) and we are using 27MHz clock crystal for REF IN pin.

Our band of work is 460 to 540 MHz (1 MHz channel spacing). I have designed loop filter of the schematic using ADISIMPLL tool and followed schematic of the development board of ADF4360. In the loop filter slightly different values of Rs and Cs used depending on availability.

I am attaching the schematic file. Pl someone look at it and comment whether it is correct or not. should we move forward with this schematic.


Looking forward for an early reply.


Deepak Awasthi