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ADE7953, will active energyline cycle accumulation mode work if there is no line voltage at voltage channel

Question asked by karens on Mar 11, 2014
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On my project, I used ADE7953. Usually, I use voltage zero crossing interrupt  (ZXV flag) to trigger the MCU to read IRMS / VRMS / frequency / peak current, etc. Also I set to active energy line cycle accumulation mode to get active energy value (KWH).


Now on a new application, there will no voltage input on the voltage channel. I think I can use current zero crossing flag (ZXIA/ZXIB) to notice the MCU to read IRMS value, but I don't think I could read the active energy any more since there is no VRMS information (upon data sheet, Rev.A, figure 44 and figure 45) , is it right? How about the power factor registers and frequency (period register)? If it is true, is there any work around I could implement to get the active energy data?


Thank you very much.