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ADuC7023 TCK causing JTAG problem

Question asked by parthiv on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by ABuda

Hi All,


I am using ADuC7023 in one of my project. In my design the TCK,TDO, TDI and TRST pins are used as GPIO too. The problem started when I assigned this pins as an output and pulling high while I was checking GPIO in toggle mode. After it has been assigned output high, I couldn't get JTAG to talk with uC.


I have tried to reset the device and connect it to JTAG at same moment as someone suggested on forum. After many trials I JTAG couldn't get hold uC. Is there any other way I can erase the uC using the JTAG? Other question is, How could I can I assign programming port as GPIO and can be accessible by JTAG after programming?


Platform: Rowley CrossStudio

JTAG: Segger J-link