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How to get more information about a blocked Semaphore?

Question asked by Sumetaso on Jul 16, 2010
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Hi all,


Can anyone give me any clues about how to gain more information about a locked Semaphore?

For example: Where is it located in the source?


My scenario:

VisualDSP++ V5.0 update 8


CoreA : VDK application with LWIP.

CoreB: Standard application( interface between cores is shared memory regions for commands and data)


What I am trying to do:

In CoreA I have 2 threads using sockets. Each thread creates it's own sockets.

I have a PC application that connects to both sockets.


What I know:

Thread 1 can always communicate over the socket.

Thread 2 can set up an accept socket and get a new connection to a socket.

Thread 2 gets blocked later on "Semphore ID :18" when calling "write" on it's "new" socket.

"Semaphore ID: 18" is created when I create Thread2.


And when Thread2 gets blocked, then all type of communition over sockets is impossible, only thing I can do is restart the applications.


And I have to say that the "VDK Status" does not really say much.



(Too much to write, but LastErrorType is kNoError, and stack usage is 186 out of 300)


Semaphore(ID: 18):

Period: 0

Max Count: 4294967295

Count: 0

Pending Threads:

- Thread(ID: 5)(kThread2_threadtype)


Any ideas about how I can get any further with tracking what I have  messed up?


And a slightly off-topic question.

Is there any "wishlist" about features for VDSP++ that accepts suggestions?



Alf Nilsson