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ln() and pow() math function execution error

Question asked by Karthickph on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by Karthickph

Hi there,

   I'm working on ADuC7060 microconverter board to develop the firmware for our ongoing product development.  In that I need to use pow() and ln() math library function to execute the firmware.  However, if I use those library functions, the results were not correct (or wrong)...


I used those functions as given below in my code;


temp_const2 = pow(Constant3, temp_const1);

Temperature2 = (double)(IDEALITY_FACTOR*BOLTZMAN_CONSTANT*log10(temp_const2/Constant4)); 


Please let know if anything I missed to get the accurate result for the given library functions.


Thank you,