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EVAL-CED1Z, EVAL-AD7626 and PuSAR Software Problem

Question asked by Shaodong on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by KarenNE

I recently purchased a set of AD7626 evaluation kit and CED1Z evaluation board for application in my research. Software and driver for the board were successfully installed.

However, I saw the message shown in the attached pictures when I attempted to configure the evaluation board through Eval PulSAR CED Rev 1.7.

error 1.jpgerror 2.jpg

Consequently,selected settings i.e. Part and Capture Mode are reset to the default option.


On board jumpers are remained unconnected to any pins as they are originally set when I got the boards. Switch, S2, on CED1Z are at their default positions (not connected to DSP_TSCLK1, DSP_TFS1, DSP_DT1PR1 and DSP_DR1PR1).

I also noticed the green LED FPGA-OK on Eval-CED1Z board start flashing when the configuration encountered the above problem. 

Could you please help me check if there is any incorrect setting or any step I missed?

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