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ADV7611 questions

Question asked by anab4nana on Mar 10, 2014
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We're going to use the ADV7611 on a custom PCB for our thesis project.


Due to financial constraints, we're not going to be able to purchase an evaluation board to play around with, so I have a couple of questions regarding the setup procedure that I hope can be answered.


1. Using the recommended schematic/layout plan, is it simply a matter of connecting an I2C master to control all registers of the ADV7611, including writing an EDID to the ADV7611 EDID RAM from the I2C master (we will not be using an external EDID)?


2. (If 1. is true) After setting the address for the EDID I2C slave (98 FA 6C), will it function as ordinary I2C slave? So, if I want to write the EDID, I will first disable the internal EDID, issue a bunch of I2C writes to the specified address (default 0x6C), and then enable the internal EDID?


3. (If 1. and 2. are true) We will mainly be using 1920x1080p@60 over HDMI. Will it suffice to first initialize the EDID, do all of the initialization documented in the XRC scripts (v3.0c) for 1080p60 over I2C, and then get parallel video out of the chip?


4. When following the recommended schematic, will the video pins (LLC/HS/VS/DATA etc) output 3.3v?


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