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looking for the best op-amp/evaluation board combination

Question asked by kanar on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by iamPhil

Hi All,


It is my first time buying an op-amp/evaluation board so I have a few questions to figure out the best combination for my application.


My preference is to have an evaluation board with differential input. I will use this for DC measurements so I am not really concerned about frequency BW.


Here are some details about my application:


- I want low noise voltage at low frequencies (My op-amp candidates are AD797 and AD8597 but I am open to suggestions of course)

- I want at least 60dB voltage gain considering the input impedance that the op-amp is going to see is going to be ~1K ohm differential, and the input to the evaluation board/op amp should be differential.

- I would like to take the output of the opamp and read it directly with a high precision multimeter.

- If possible, I want a populated evaluation board that is ready to use. Otherwise, would you please let me know which evaluation board would be compatible with low noise op-amps that I have listed above (AD797 and AD8597)

- I know some other guys are using AD620 for a similar application but, I am not sure if that would satisfy my requirements.


Thank you very much.