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SDRkit Fcomms1 detect issue

Question asked by rajeshsub on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by larsc


I encountered a problem while doing a demo for SDR kit

Zedboard Rev.D



While I am able to get the linux boot successfully, but in the Device list(GUI ) it does not show AD9643 device.

I observed that while linux boot starts it gives a Fatal error: could not load/lib/modules3.6.000542-g1b243ba/modules.dep

I had formated the sd card and tried it again but still same error.

I then went to and download the latest image file, but still getting the same error.


Just to addl. Share I did the same procedure at another customer board sdr kit and everything works fine.


Any idea what should be the issue.


Thansk and Regards,

Rajesh S