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ADuM1201 working voltage

Question asked by benwang on Mar 10, 2014
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My customer is using ADuM1201 now, we are confused about working voltage spec. In datasheet table 14 (as attached), there is "functional isulation" & "basic insulation" specified, my question is what is different between "functional isulation" & "basic insulation".

My understanding is that "functional isulation" means it is workable for ADuM1201 with 1131Vpeak, but it is not certified by 3rd agencies. While "basic insulation" is certified by 3rd agencies, e.g. VDE.

As customer feedback, they need up to 900Vpeak VIORM, they refer it as 900Vpeak VIORM basic insulation, if so ADuM1201 is not suitable to use since its basic insulation is only 560Vpeak.


Thank you