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Some general questions on ADAU1452 from a newbie (to this chip)

Question asked by ScottIncz on Mar 9, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Yagami



I seem to recall someone saying that you are now able to write your own modules for sigma DSPs and use sigma studio to join up your own modules with the standard ones. Is this the case?


Is it possible to see the DSP code of the sigma studio modules so you can see how they work, to see if they will be sufficient for your application (compared to assembler code you have for other traditional DSPs)


Is there documentation for the DSP assembler and can you see what the modules create when you compile them? For example, you have an audio clipper module. Is this oversampled? Anti-aliased?


Is it easy to create multi-rate blocks that may run at a different sample rate to the system rate. Say run internally at 192khz but with 48khz IO? Is this possible with sigma?


BTW, are there a list of Sigma experts who do contract work? (as in start on one or two projects immediately)