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ADA4096-2 & the Filter Wizard

Question asked by groger on Mar 7, 2014
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After using the filter wizard for a design, I am finding some ambiguity in the results of the software, vs data sheet specifications. Or probably a misunderstanding on the results on my part.


The ADA4096 data sheet indicates an input overload swing of +/-32 Vpp. However, when selecting this part at the front end of an active filter design, when viewing "Voltage Range", it indicates a maximum input of 50mVpp, and 33mVpp nominal.


Are these numbers with respect to boundaries of filter performance, or input voltage that may damage the amplifier? The filter is a 40dB gain, 7th order Chebyshev. A, B stage = ADA4096, C,D stage = ADA4051.


Regards and thanks.