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AD9789 clock at the output problem

Question asked by sgomezar on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by danf

I am new using the AD9789 DAC and I succesfully setup one project using this DAC. But I have a problem with the clock at the DAC output. I use a clock at 2340MHz and the RF output is in the TV range: 46MHz to 862MHz. But at the output Ihave a very stong signal at 2340MHz, so the clock is passing to the DAC output (+10dBm @2340MHz at the output).

I see that there is a BFP at the output and I set it correctly, but it is not attenuating the CLK at the output at all. Even I set the DAC gain to 0, the clk level at the output is the same

Does anyone had any problems with clock at the output?


Thank you