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Question asked by hoehna on Mar 6, 2014
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We are only using port A in our design for HDMI input using the ADV7842.  What is the recommended thing to do in hardware when not using port B of the HDMI input and also which registers should be selected in the ADV7842 to disable and terminate the unused port properly?  The reason I ask is that in doing some EMI tests on our design using the ADV7842 we are seeing very large emissions at harmonics of the 1080P60 pixel clock.  The problem area's are 445.5 MHz, 594 MHz and 742.5 MHz.  I only see the high emissions when an HDMI source is connected to the ADV7842 decoder.  I am thinking the problem could be a non-terminated of the unused HDMI input port B.


Also, are there other registers that can be set to reduce the emissions of the part?