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ADM 1066 EEPROM Burning

Question asked by Valery.Gorohovsky on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Ren


I'm trying to burn the ADM1066 EEPROM from .hex file.


I followed the steps described in the design docs and everything seems to go as planned.

However, when I read back the EEPROM contents and compare them with the .hex file I programmed into the EEPROM I have a mismatch in the 0xF8A0-0xF8FF and 0xFA00-0xFBFF address blocks. The data I read from those address do not match the data I programmed into the EEPROM and doesn't match the .hex file. However, if I try comparing the .hex file with the EEPROM configuration using the Super Sequencer evaluation software, the Super Sequencer evaluation software says the contents match.


I have erased ALL of the EEPROM address space (0xF800-0xFBFF) before programming all of it using the .hex file.


Why am I seeing this mismatch on those address blocks? Why does the Super Sequencer say they match?


Why, if I erased all of the EEPROM address space and wrote new data, the new data mismatches the hex file?


Is there another way of programming all of the EEPROM address space?

Is some of this address space reserved or read only?


Thanks alot in advance.