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query for ADV7280-M

Question asked by nikhil.rastogi on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by Rob.Analog


I am DFAE from North India. One of my customer need video decoder for car infotaiment system, The requirement is-

  1. 4 CVBS input
  2. YPbPr Input
  3. Output 8bit BT656.


ADV7181C is suiting  the requirement to display the following outputs(IPOD, AUX IN Video, DVD, Camera). but customer is looking for low cost part.

i understand that ADV7280-M can also support the input & 8 bit output but the concern is operating speed of the part which is 400KHz.

can you please help to advise if ADV7280-M could be suitable for above output displays since it is running at very low speed?